A Glimpse into the Eye of a Tetrachromat


Hello Lovelies!

I simply can’t get enough of the post written on me by “Outside the Lines,” a wonderful blog written by SegTech, a company devoted the Image Segmentation technology, Segmation. In describing my my life’s work and dedication to being the first scientifically authenticated tetrachromat artist, they express my gift of seeing 100 million more colors than the average person in this way:

“Concetta’s days begin at the sight of color. The moment she opens her eyes she feels inspired by the color variations outside her windows and inside her home. Even the different fibers found in her wood floors can captivate this color connoisseur.”

This image pays tribute to that marvelous depiction – and my passion for finding the color in my world as soon as I wake up and greet each beautiful morning.

How do you find the color in your world? I’d love to hear!



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