Inspired by the Super Vision Soiree and all my Supporters

I had such a great time with all of my friends, collectors, and VIP’s at the Soiree! It was a beautiful experience and I am still reveling in all the positive energy and inspiration. It was truly an honor to see everyone and share my Super-Vision-Announcement-Posterwork. As I said during my speech, sharing my work makes me feel proud and gives me inspiration and ideas for approaching my next pieces. The world is a beautiful place and I cherish sharing my vision and life’s work with the people who admire it most. Right now I feel a unique opportunity in the world as I speak of my experience as a Tetrachromat. People have been very receptive and interested to learn more. As an artist I cherish my unique way of looking at a world. As a Tetrachromat I have sublimated what was at times overwhelming stimuli into a Supervision power that fuels the growth of my artistic work. What I love most is that I can share values with you, my friends and supporters. Nature is beautiful and I think we all have this in common. Thank you for all your meaningful support and well wishes. I am always inspired most by my beautiful family, friends, collectors and community of growing art admirers.

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