BBC Article About Tetrachromacy is Promoting Beauty in the World

BBC Article Photo on Tetrachromacy

I have always known that I see the world a little differently. It has been my plan all along to cultivate my career as an artist to share the beauty I see in the world. It is more exciting than ever to learn about the genetic origins of my special supervision and have a new perspective to share about my perspective! The BBC article about Tetrachromacy and me specifically as a Tetrachromat is as much an honor as it is insightful.

When I realized the colors I see so vividly are invisible to others it was a life changing moment. A mix of thoughts and feelings embraced me as I pondered the possibilities of other peoples’ realities. I think of my daughter who by a twist of fate is color blind and I am inspired to find a way to express visual beauty in a way she can enjoy.

It is my dream to develop a training system to help all tetrachromatic children realize their potential and I am so happy the BBC wrote an inspired article to share this vision. I think the opportunity to promote unity and peace by admiring different sensory capabilities is a beautiful part of joining this conversation on a global news network like the BBC.

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