All the Pretty, Pretty Peacocks

All the Pretty, Pretty Peacocks

Tetrachromat Muse, Concetta Antico, will once again share her talent to the public at her elegant Salon in Mission Hills, San Diego with a live magical peacock painting!

A privilege for attendees, this occasion will be remembered and cherished.
Working dynamically in her medium of oil on canvas coupled with her superb and extraordinary tetrachromat color vision, a masterpiece will come to life.

Both intense and spiritual, you the viewer will enter a world of pure creation.

Pretty Peacocks

Be transformed.

Be enlightened.

Be inspired.

Concetta is gifted and one of the most talented artists alive today with her ability to produce masterpieces deftly in one sitting.

Don’t miss this special event opportunity, the visual and creative rewards are unparalleled.

Her process must be seen to believe what is in front of your eyes.

Limited to 40 guests ~ $150 per ticket.

Cocktails & Dinner will be served
Live music by Mr. David De Alva
Register today at muse@

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