Koala Oil Painting - Animal Paintings by Concetta Antico


The Bear That Isn’t


Call him cute, or call him cuddly!
Call him Blinky, Lou or Funny!

Call him blue, or black or gray,
but never call him down to play!
(Because he sleeps 18 hours a day!)

Call him for a dinner of sweet eucalyptus,
but know he’ll want no water with it!

Call his nose a little leathery,
or his ears a little feathery!

Call him lazy, furry, frizzy,
but just remember ~ he’s the bear that isn’t!

Concetta Antico

Little known Koala Facts

The word koala may come from an Aboriginal word meaning no drink.

Although koalas do drink when necessary, they obtain most of the moisture they need from eucalyptus leaves.

Though koalas look like teddy bears and are sometimes even referred to as koala bears, they are not bears!

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