Scandalous Unsung Master


1/12/56 ~ 4/14/25

Own him – he’s American! and right up there with the Impressionist Masters Monet clan!

JSS rocked the portrait paintings of his generation – but who knows that today?

Shunned from popular praise when he painted Madame X with her scandalous slipped shoulder strap (left her prudish Victorian reputation in ruins)! Sargent was knocked off his Master painter throne for several decades as a result. Genius in a frock coat and tie – even Andy Warhol worshiped his work in 1986 when the King of Pop Cool said Sargent “made everybody look glamorous. Taller. Thinner.”

Yep – every girl needs a Master makeover alla Sargent for sure!

Prolific? Popping out over 900 oil paintings, 2,000 watercolors and that’s just to start! Known to charge like a bull at the canvas and make wealthy folk wait for hours for his studio entrance. Attitude plus, plus! He was handsome, hip, cool, rich and travelled the world with his entourage and stayed single while painting his passions. I ‘d say – What a Life – What a guy! Sign me up!

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