Watching the Master at Work Live ~ Intimate Interiors

Another Mesmerizing Direct Masterpiece Production

On Saturday evening January 11, 2014 an artistic feast was created before the eyes of Concetta Antico’s many collectors! In just one sitting, approximately 3.5 hours, a magnificent 30 x 36 original oil painting was produced by the Tetrachromat Fine Artist. Her super vision provides for her to resolve over 100 million colors and define value and firm on her palette in the blink of an eye.

The lush still life featuring wine, crystal, organic vegetables and fruits was set upon a vintage platform of table, lamp and a wicker peacock chair, was placed with her deft brush and amazing color palette rapidly onto canvas. The scene is now a permanent joy to behold. A swift signature, a and a round of applause ended the event and a red dot stating SOLD sealed the night!

Viewers left stunned. Amazed at what they had beheld and convinced of the gift that Concetta possesses. The entire performance was a visual feast and a feat of pure artistic tetrachromat magic.

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