A.R.T. – A Replicated Thought.

Art is the psyche of man. 
The visual explanation of what stirs in his mind and lives in his heart.
It is a visual poetry.
Its purpose is to inspire.
To lead others to his vision and to his faith.  Art must. 
It comes forth as it cannot be contained. 
Art is connection with all that is, and will be. 
It sustains.
It tells stories that will live and instruct those yet to come.  
Art is legacy, it is a witness.
As with man, no two walk the same path.
Each tell their own journey and make their own unique footprint.
Art is life explaining itself.
Yet, although an homage to itself, its power is forever a visual blessing.
Art prays.
Copyright Concetta K. Antico – Tetrachromat Artist – 4-11-13 – 7:45 am PST

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