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World Famous Tetrachromatic Artist

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Concetta Antico – World Famous Tetrachromatic Artist

Celestial Stardust

The Grand Opening of Tooraloo's Fine Art Gallery

The Color Queen

Her Super Vision allows her to see up to 100X more color than an average person.

Phone or Online Tarot Readings with Concetta
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Concetta Antico is a Highly Intuitive Wiccan Practitioner.
As an Art Therapist, Life Coach, & Energetic Leveler she will Restore Your Balance, Facilitate Healing & Enhance Your Personal Growth.
An Internationally Acclaimed Public Figure Her Clairvoyant & Psychic Abilities Are World Renowned
Incorporate Concetta’s Tarot Readings, Astrological Analysis & Otherworldly Wisdom Into Your World To Achieve Actualization & Manifestation.


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