Hand Painted Furnishings

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see – Edgar Degas

american society of interior designers

2012 ASID San Diego Chapter – Best Use of Textiles for her vintage masterpiece furniture

There is a special energy behind the eye of an artist selecting and reclaiming a once loved item from the past, preserving then presenting it for a new age, in a new fashion. Such is the force behind fine artist Concetta Antico’s revived Vintage Masterpiece Furnishings. Taking the best of age-old craftsmanship, Impressionist masterworks and her talent as artist with oil on canvas as she composes items that are not only collectible, but functional and beautiful.


Hand Painted Furnishing by Concetta Antico

Each one is an original, unique signed masterpiece. They can be customized to suit any decor, by the eye and hand of Concetta. Each furniture item, faux painted or refinished, is reupholstered with artist grade premium cotton duck canvas fabric, then painted by hand and varnished to preserve. Voila! A museum worthy fine art collectible that is also practical. The ultimate useful yet decorative adornment. Each piece comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity from the artist. Clients’ own beloved heirloom furnishings are welcomed for custom orders and custom masterpiece or other decorative images.See select exquisite pieces in our gallery showroom located at the Concetta Antico Fine Art Gallery in Mission Hills:
1920 Fort Stockton Drive, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92103.


The Peacock Vase

Plump, pretty and patterned this peacock image was inspired by the magnificent figurative works of Norman Lindsay. Peacocks are my signature theme. I am moved by them as they represent heaven and as a Tetrachromat I am able to portray their vivid colors. The peacock form seemed to easily embody and, with its long decorative tail, wrap elegantly about the shape of this vessel.