Growing up in Australia with a Mother’s Prophecy…

Growing up in the lush colors and landscapes of Australia, my deep passion for nature and art was installed into my earliest memories. Creativity was my daily fare. The moment I was gifted my own art materials in preschool, I started reproducing the images of Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet and the other great Impressionist masters. My art was singled out throughout my schooling, and awarded so much merit that my mother predicted I would grow to be a great artist and art teacher. I was only 10 years old at the time. Though she died when I was 12, I never forgot her prophecy. My passion for art and her words resonated throughout my life journey. Art has saved my life, made the joy in my life, and has brought me to where I am today.


Creativity Made and Saved My Life

After my mother passed away, life was very hard. At 16, I set off with $3 in my pocket, a small suitcase with my most precious belongings, and nowhere to go. Homeless for awhile, I soon found a job, renewed my education, secured an apartment, got back on my feet, and worked my way through college. I am grateful for these harsh foundational experiences which made me resilient, brave, and who I am today. I became my own beacon of hope, I believed in my destiny, and every bit of my success was born out of these beliefs. I will never give up, and I always follow my dream.


The Great Escape! Immigrating to The USA

In the 80’s I immigrated the United States, landing in Los Angeles. Being a chaparral environment, warm, coastal and loitered with eucalypts, California satisfied my desire to put down new roots, and was able to cure my terrible homesickness easily when it kicked in. My adventure ended when I found San Diego, which soon become my new haven and allowed me to establish the career that I have today. In the mid 90’s my big break came when I grasped an opportunity to pursue the career I was destined for. I seized the ability to become a full time artist and to combine my education degree with my lifelong passion to paint. This opportunity allowed me to sustain myself doing what I love whilst transforming the lives of others by sharing the joy of painting with them.


My first art studio was opened in La Jolla, California. It was just a tiny 400-square-foot retail space. Retail fine art instruction and events for all ages was an unheard of niche back then, so my business creation has since been deemed the founder of a major world trend! My friends all said I was throwing my money away, but I didn’t listen, and I never looked back. Over two decades I built a thriving company called The Salon of Art, in Mission Hills which not only housed my 10’s of thousands of students, but also provided a gallery space filled with my original oil on canvas paintings. I had arrived!


The Discovery Of My Super Human Gift

In December 2012, Dr. Jay Neitz, a world-renowned leader in the field of color vision, discovered I was a “Tetrachromat,” . A human possessing an incredible genetic anomaly is a rare mutation. Hailed as a Tetrachromat, I possess four color receptors in my eyes instead of the regular three. This “super vision” allows me to see up to 100 million more colors than regular vision! Almost overnight I became a super human X-Woman, and the subject of worldwide media attention. Ever since I have been the study of Dr. Kimberly Jameson at U.C. Irvine, California. She has performed almost a decade of studies with me, and written many papers and journal articles on my otherworldly ability to express functioning Tetrachromacy. She calls me “the perfect storm” for this rare gift.


Every day I call myself fortunate for my other worldly color vision which allows me to see very subtle hue variations and differentiations, an ability which those with normal vision cannot perceive. My 100 million more visual perception of the natural world is breathtaking. Everything is so vibrant and stimulating to my eyes. My gift allows me to see the true colors of the beauty that surrounds me, my life long passion and dedication to art allows me to paint it. Painting provides a medium through which I can show those colors to others too. I share the gift through my art works. Tetrachromacy has given me what I love the most, the ability to truly see the beauty of this planet, my Mother, my journey, my dedication and my belief in myself gave me the permission to live the life I wanted. Art and color are my daily muses.


My Profound Belief, & Legacy

My belief is that today, more than ever, creativity is vital to a healthy life. Abundant personal self-expression, in the form of any artistic endeavor, will be the remedy against many modern day stressors, against overwhelming technology. It is an experience and endeavor which is easily accessible to all. Art makes and saves lives.

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