Concetta Antico Contemporary Impressionist GALLERY HOURS
Saturday, 10am-4pm & By Appointment
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Great art picks up where nature ends ~ Marc Chagall

Divine Intervention Gallery Art Show

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"Concetta is an excellent teacher and artist. Her work is truly amazing having a depth of color that is unique and unmistakably Concetta's. She teaches her students with caring, patience, and expertise that produces amazing results for the aspiring artists."
-- Jean Stern, Director, The Irvine Museum, California

"Thank you so much for your time. It was a sincere pleasure meeting you - your life and art is such a dream and it was a joy to get a peek into what you see!"
-- Natasha Zouves, Reporter Channel 10 News San Diego

"I am honored to be a collector of your art. There is an alchemy in your work that clearly comes out in the most whimsical and enchanting way. I feel that your time of renown and acclaim is close at hand, and that in a very short time it would be impossible for me to afford to hang any of your pieces on my walls! You have paid the price and your work shows it. I know a good thing when I see it.  You are a generous soul.  I am still a little amazed, but very sure of my decision! And very much looking forward to seeing these pictures EVERY DAY!"
-- Antico Fine Art Collector

"I had not realized before that when you have a painting of a place that is special to you - it is like living with that place every day in your home. It just warms your heart every time you see it! Thank you!"
-- Antico Fine Art Collector

“Terrific work. Your vision of beauty is contagious. I'm a better photographer than I was just reviewing your work. Thanks! “
-- Antico Fine Art Collector

To be free and soar around the canvas to create a Masterpiece ....a gift from God.
Thank you for sharing! “

-- Antico Fine Art Collector

“Whenever I rinse my wine glasses and see a flashing  glimpse of indigo I think of you and hear you say " values!"
-- Mark Anderson, Adventure Vacations  San Diego

Hello! I met you at perhaps an art event in La Jolla a while ago. I have recently moved to Bend Oregon but did want to say I just watched your news clip on your website! Magnificent. You have a peek into the beauty we await. You won't get overwhelmed with the color there:) And I am sure it will even be magnified for you! Enjoy your gift."
-- Janae Ali, Life Coach, Bend, Oregon

"WOW - I received an invite to rate you for your virtual biz card and realized that even though we have 148 connections in common and you and I are connected I had never seen your work......soooo I went ahead and simply Googled you and looked at images of some of your art work. I want to tell you......Wholly Molly!! I love your fact you might even be one of my new favorites. You really have a beautiful talent. Is your work in a any local galleries or somewhere I can see it in person?"
-- Kim Balesteri, Hypno Healing Center





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